The Pacific Northwest Elite Lacrosse Organization

Our Programs

CitySide208 offers lacrosse training opportunities carefully designed to improve every player’s skill set and IQ. We take a integrated approach to making you the best lacrosse player you can be: travel teams, camps, clinics, virtual training, box and more.

Our Coaches

CitySide208 coaches come from around the country and share a deep passion for lacrosse and for youth development. Our coaches are not only lacrosse instructors, but also life coaches, role models, and top-tier players in their own right – committed to teaching the game they love.

Our College Commits

We love to help athletes achieve their dreams of playing at the collegiate level. We’re with you through every step of the recruiting process.

All About cityside

Our Mission is simple

We pride ourselves on our mission, our philosophy, and our commitment to developing the best lacrosse players in the Pacific Northwest.

“Lacrosse has changed the lives of every CitySide208 coach and staff member, and now our mission is to provide that same opportunity for the young men and women of the Mountain West.  The paramount goal is utilizing the athletic classroom for every one of our athletes to hone their lacrosse skills and become better players while harnessing their experiences to mature as individuals off the field.  Through our camps, clinics, lessons and teams our players get the individual attention, inspiration and challenge they need to take full advantage of lacrosse’s opportunities and life-lessons.”

-Drew Snider

Next Level

Our National Teams

Our national team affiliates offer elite competition and development for our players who are ready for next-level challenges.

Cityside lacrosse coachng staff

Our Pros

We pride ourselves on having many current and retired professional players on our coaching staff along with highly trained experienced coaches, providing elite instruction to our athletes.

It is our highest priority to find and develop every players potential.

train hard

Our Philosophy is our Bedrock

At CitySide208, everything we do is rooted in our development philosophy (F.U.N.) and our core values (P.I.C.A.). F.U.N. and P.I.C.A. guide us every time we step on the field and stay with us whenever we step off it. We do not choose our family members based purely on skill or production on the field; instead we look at the overall person and how they can improve and positively represent the CitySide208 community. With that being said, creating a highly competitive and extremely skilled team is important to us.